Eastbound And Down Returning for 4th Season

Officially released from HBO yesterday, Kenny Powers will return for one last season. Eastbound & Down Season 4 premieres on September 29th, only on HBO. As the producers put it, the epic final season will consist of eight episodes and as it appears from the trailer, the one true king will be crowned before all is said and done. Will this actually be the final season? We all hope not but are extremely thankful for a fourth season.


Will this fourth season take place at Myrtle Beach? Will Ashley Schaeffer make a return? There is really little information released about the final season of Eastbound and Down besides the date and time. The trailer honestly reveals nothing about the upcoming 8 episodes but it does solidify the fact that the rumors are true. Eastbound and Down was renewed along with a group of other popular HBO series including Boardwalk Empire, True Blood, The Newsroom and Game of Thrones.

From the group of friends I talked to following the finale of the third season of Eastbound and Down, a lot were disappointed. Not just because the show was over but because it just sort of ended. Hopefully these next 8 episodes of the fourth season will not disappoint. From what I’ve read, this will actually be the final season of Eastbound and Down due to other projects lined up for both Danny McBride and Jody Hill.

For now, we only have the past seasons to re-watch in preparation for this fourth coming season.