Eat Your Heart Out: Photoshoot

Friday night we decided to have a little gathering at the office and get some people all zombified up! Eat Your Heart Out is coming up Friday February 15th at Diesel Club Lounge and this year has some added goodness.

We have teamed up with Deadicated Clothing to host their official launch party and the The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre concert├é┬ástarting at 6:30pm. The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre concert will feature 50 Caliber Dream, Never Established, and Belie My Burial.

10pm starts the official after-party where we revisit a Pittsburgh favorite event, Eat Your Heart Out. The only zombie-themed Valentine’s Day party in the city!

Below is the photoshoot we did with Lethal Industries. Why not get all bloody on a Friday night, drink a bunch of Clique Vodka, and have some fun at the office? To see more pix from the photoshoot, visit HERE!


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