Entire Star Wars Trilogy In 3 Minutes. Heavy Focus On The Garbage Worm.

I’m an avid Star Wars fan. I’m also pretty sure I didn’t really need to tell anyone that. Regardless, I became this way in organic fashion. When I was a young padawan learner, only 3 Star Wars movies existed; 4 if you include The Ewok Adventure, which came out the same year I was born. Regardless, by the luck of the draw, I was awarded an awesome godfather and via his efforts combined with his already established efforts instilled in his sons, who were both older than me, I was introduced and quickly fell in love with Star Wars at a very young age.

In general, not even Star Wars related, it’s not too demanding to watch 3, or even 4 movies in over a few days. But now there are 6 total main movies, plus a 2-part animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie. In college, some friends and I used to get together and have a Star Wars marathon day which included The Clone Wars 2-parter. It was about 15 hours if I’m not mistaken. If you’ve been bestowed the misfortune of never seeing any of the Star Wars films yet, that’s a lot of time to ask of someone these days in the working world. 3 minutes on the other hand is not. You should still watch the movies but this video will do for now… and it’s pretty funny.

The Entire ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy in 3 Minutes

Pretty good, right? It’s funny whether or not you’ve actually seen the movies. Now you’re all caught up with at least the original trilogy, which most, if not all Star Wars fans will declare are the only films that matter. I’m a critical person, but I’d rather the newer trilogy exist than not at all. There’s enough in them that I enjoy that I would not prefer them eradicated from time, space and existence. Generally, the way I see it is: If I love something THAT much, more is better. New Star Wars is good Star Wars.

Also, if you didn’t already know, Boba Fett does not dress like he’s Jules from Pulp Fiction.


If you ever have any Star Wars questions, I’m your guy. Hit up the comments and I’ll help you get your learn on.

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By: Eli Rebich


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