Entourage The Movie – Vincent Chase And The Boys Are Back!!!

The boys from Queens are back and on the big screen, doing it up huge in Hollywood. The long awaited and much anticipated Entourage movie trailer is here!!!


In 2004, HBO released the series Entourage unto the world and immediately, we were in love with Vincent Chase. It’s that typical line, “Girls wanted him and guys wanted to be him.” The series was everything that a reality show wanted to be and so much more. It showed people an aspect of the high-life from all angles, including the very glamorous ones, but it let you in one a tight-nit relationship of a group of young kids from Queens, trying to keep up with the politics and distractions of life in Hollywood.

Entourage evolved from a group of young kids having fun in a surreal world of privilege, into a group of slightly older kids discovering new identities and wanting to find their own purpose in the same surreal world of privilege, while keeping loyal to the reason they ‘re all there in the first place; Vinny Chase and his career. Each character is a fan favorite, whether it’s Vinny, Eric, Turtle, Johnny “Drama”, and last but certainly not least, Ari Gold. The entire show is a large message about mixing business with friendship/family and the strains the relationships can take when the chips are down, but how good things can be as a whole when everything is going your way.

When it came to Entourage, as far as all the fans were concerned… it ended too soon.


Chalk this up to another victory for fan outcry because they got exactly what they wanted. The tv series that spawned so many opportunities for actual movies to be made, starring Vincent Chase, now has a movie about a movie being made starring Vincent Chase, and as always, the rest of the gang standing right by his side.

With the trailer dropping today, Christmas just came early for a lot of die hard Entourage fans. Modesty need not be a thing here… I’m one of those fans.

How insanely excited are you for the new Entourage movie? What are your thoughts on the trailer? Hit up the comments and I’ll see you down there.

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By: Eli Rebich


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