Every Single Nicolas Cage Laugh from Every Single One of His Movies…

The internet has a strangely awesome fascination with Nicolas Cage and with that follows a lot of great content. Just like the video featured below, nobody asked for it but for some reason, we are all glad it exists. The trick is to see if you can watch the entire 20-minute video without your head exploding. See if you can do it and let us know….

For some reason, the person who hosted the video disabled web sharing after this blog was posted. You can

Watch the Video Here!

It is no wonder that the internet has this strange obsession with Nic Cage. No matter how terrible of a role he takes, the Cage gives it his all. His resume is stacked full of both what could be mocked or applauded. Even before a lot of us were born, Nic Cage was launching his career becoming an icon of the 80’s and 90’s. Cage is still killing it in not only Hollywood, but the internet as well.



Seriously, watch the entire video. Let us know if you do!

By: Pat Hanavan