Extraterrestrial Trailer: Terrified Of Getting Abducted? You Should Be.

It’s mid-September already. Halloween is right around the corner. Horror season has arrived and finally there’s something out there not related to paranormal activity and excessive game-like mutilation. Extraterrestrial looks like it could be the first alien horror flick we’ve seen in some time that could actually scare you since Aliens.


Nobody wants to be kidnapped. Nobody wants to be tortured. Nobody wants to be killed. Nobody wants to have any of those happen to them let alone all three, especially after being taken into space with no chance of being rescued. It looks like we finally have a potentially really good alien horror flick going on here with Extraterrestrial. The movie looks to have all the right symptoms to make this that anything-goes type alien flick we haven’t had in some time. A little bit different kind of twist on what the government has been hiding in regards to extraterrestrial life. A treaty. An actual agreement with a race and species from a different planet, possibly from a different galaxy altogether, on how to keep the peace. Treaty gets broken by a group of kids, unbeknownst to the fact that they’ve done so, and the aliens are free range to get their probe on… and they do… but first… they abduct you.



Not good.abduct2

Bye bye.

Yeah. That’s enough to creep me out. But lets circle back to the whole idea of getting probed since that’s generally the common go-to assumption for what occurs after you get abducted by aliens. Well in this flick… you definitely do. Not only do the makers of Extraterrestrial want you to know their aliens are probing the people they abduct, they show it in the trailer, AND they’ve created their first marketing hash tag for the movie: #GetProbed. Definitely search that hash tag.

So who’s ready to get their alien life form on with Extraterrestrial? What did you think of the trailer? What other horror flicks are you looking forward to this Halloween season? Blow up the comments and “Hey Peter… watch out for your cornhole, bud.”

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By: Eli Rebich

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