Extreme Russian MMA Fighting – The Hip Show

I came across something I found rather interesting, The Hip Show. A Russian MMA internet show featuring teams fighting on a 3 leveled area as opposed to the octagon. Their version of the octagon has various padded platforms which the fighters can use as an advantage what ever way they see fit.

I am not entirely sure how I feel about this sport. If you think back to the Pride days of MMA, Pride seemed like an insane international fight circuit consisting of all the greatest and most ruthless fighters from all over the world. In my opinion, Pride had a slight edge up on the UFC, before the Dana White take over, for that reason. Maybe it was my age, but watching a Pride fight as a youngster was an intense experience.

Now cue in The Hip Show, a new Russian MMA concept featuring teams of fighters on what is essentially an obstacle course. Cool concept, I can dig it. There are some positives about this fight league to take into account. First off, they fight in teams, a cool new concept not yet done on any MMA fight I have personally seen. Next, there is a strategy involved with the obstacles and how the fighters maneuver through them. Those alone are interesting enough to get my attention.

Here are the negatives….. I can understand that rules are rules but the fighters on both teams must wear head gear, this immediately takes away from the hardcore international credibility Russian is supposed to have. Next, I can’t understand one god damn word they are saying, translate it into English quick. The Hip Show├é┬áconsists of three rounds but a round is only 2 minutes. There is a 90 second break in between rounds and the fighters are prohibited from locks and chokes. So it’s pretty much like a Russian version of Bully Beatdown.

If you can understand Russian, it may make your viewing experience better, but, here is a championship fight from February 2013.

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