Faded Hottie of the Week: Summer!

Happy Wedneday! This week’s official Hottie of the Week is Summer. With the snow we had on Monday,  I think everyone is ready to see more of Summer right away!

Summer is from Allentown, PA and this bikini picture of her set in the white sands of Grand Cayman, Cayman islands is so pristine it almost looks like snow! I must give credit where credit is due, not only to Summer for this beach pose but to the photographer:  Gary White.  Since we always ask our Hotties of the Week a few questions, read her answers below to get to know  her a little better.

If Summer could model/promote for any company or brand, she would pick Abercrombie or Hollister.  She says, “I think it would be fun to model for Abercrombie or Hollister because although I don’t particularly wear their clothing, I really like their sensual and casual ad style.”

In addition, her current style icon is Kate Upton. “I love Kate Upton right now, she has a very curvy body and I like that she isn’t your standard “too skinny” model.”  Miss Upton, if you weren’t sure, is on the 2012 Cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, as pictured here. Curves in the right places is what being a lingerie or swimsuit model is all about, and Summer definitely fits image like Kate! Not to mention that the 2008 Location for some SI photos were done in the Cayman Islands, so Summer is  just as experienced as the other SI Swimsuit models!

If you would like to contact Summer for any work related opportunities or photoshoots, her model mayhem number is #1451671 for those of you in the industry, and she can also be reached at rubberducky19530 AT yahoo.com until her website is up later this year. Our final pictures of Summer- and her killer abs- are a series done by Al Morrison of Creative Lens Photography, out of Lancaster, PA. Enjoy!

 Remember, our Hotties of the Week are here to be celebrated and appreciated for their looks! If you know someone you would like to nominate to be a Hottie of the Week, please check out our Hottie of the Week Contest!


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