Full Video of Girl Getting Hit with Shovel & Her Response

This video of a girl getting hit in the head with a shovel surfaced on Vine started picking up some good traction the other day. 75k+ revines in 2 days, that’s what the kids call viral. Unfortunately for the girls, the embarrassing full video has been posted and unfortunately for their future, this video will haunt the both of them for life.

The full fight video between the two girls shows what lead to the shovel in the back of the head. The two girls are fighting in the yard of the girl who uses the shovel, we will just say she is in the black corner. And in the pink corner is the girl who gets hit with the shovel. Get it, because of their clothes. I still have no idea why they were fighting but what I did happen to find is that the girl in the pink corner isn’t even 15 yet.

If you are wondering how the young girl is doing, apparently she is fine. Another video was posted showing her laughing with the caption Shovel Girl(; I’m doing alright!!

By: Pat Hanavan


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