Funny Videos That Will Make Your Brain Melt

I am on anĀ incessant mission searching through strange and funny videos to find the end of the internet. The internet, much like the ocean, seems bigger than your mind could ever fathom. Even though I will never find the end of the internet, there are areas of the internet that completely blow my mind. Exploring some of the deepest parts of the ocean is where you will find monsters like the anglerfish or the sequel to Avatar. Parasitic reproduction is something I wish I could unlearn. I believe the internet has it’s own Mariana Trenchs.


I know I will never find the end of the internet but I picture my search like the scientist who came across the first anglerfish. Bored out of his or her mind, studying the darkest depths of the ocean I bet they never imagined they could have found a creature like that. That is how I feel about some of the funny and weird videos on YouTube. Thankfully the internet gave truly gifted and insane people of the world an outlet to share useless media.

Enjoy these funny and weird videos; the anglerfish of the internet:

Eagle Dance

Crooked Rot

Dr. Bees

Poodle Workout

More videos to come soon…..

By: Pat Hanavan


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