Gearing up for the Breaking Bad Series Finale

Less than a month away, Breaking Bad finally returns to AMC with it’s final 8 episodes of the 5th and final season. The premiere of the first episode will be on Sunday August 11th at 10pm EST. Most hardcore fans of the show are ironically considered addicts of Breaking Bad as the show is truly just as addictive as Walter White’s blue meth. What is going to happen when all of these addicts can no longer get their fix? Guess we will have to wait and see but the Saul Goodman spin-off is possibly one way of that happening. Everyone is wondering though, “How will Breaking Bad end?”


Betting Bad

For those of you who have never watched Breaking Bad, do not fear. Via the website BettingBad.com (not affiliated with AMC), the creators put together a 9 minute Breaking Bad recap video to bring you up to speed for the finale. For those of you who have loyally watched the show and want to play a game, you can join others in guessing the outcome of the series. If you are interested in playing on BettingBad.com, this video below explains how it all works. Pretty cool idea if you ask me.

Throughout the course of its five seasons, “Breaking Bad” has proven incredibly influential. This is, in part, due to a plot that is full of twists, turns and clever (but occasionally frustrating) cliffhangers. Adding to this high level of quality are consistently impressive performances from such actors as Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn and Aaron Paul. These factors have lead to massive amounts of critical acclaim, with some critics going so far as to label the show the greatest television drama of all time. Most recently, the show, (along with HBO’s “Game of Thrones”) won the “Critics’ Choice 2013 Award” for best drama.


“Breaking Bad” has also had quite the influence on pop culture. With an audience base featuring all kinds of demographics, it’s no surprise that the series has become influential enough so as to score a Spanish-language remake. Fans of the original series have proven quite invested in the show as well, with many investing in all kinds of pop-culture gear, including everything from massive posters, to shot glasses and even Walter-style suits. This impressive fan dedication proves that those without cable are truly missing out as “Breaking Bad” isn’t available on network television. However, the good news is a subscription to HBO isn’t needed for this show — a standard cable package from a provider such as Direct TV should suffice.

What to Expect From the Final Season


With the arrival of the second half of the season, fans are anticipating to learn the fate of protagonist Walter White. Will he be able to resolve issues with his family before the death that we’ve known was coming since season one? As critics note, during the course of the series, Walt has become increasingly adept at lying to fellow members of the underworld, to his family, but most importantly, to himself. The hope of fans is that some of these lies will begin to fall away, allowing Walt to obtain some sense of self-discovery before he dies. Few additional spoilers are available at this time, but producers promise the show’s finale will be both “shocking” and “truly satisfying.” And given the success of “Breaking Bad” thus far, fans should be inclined to take producers at their word.

Breaking Bad Synopsis:


“Breaking Bad” covers the story of Walter White, a chemistry teacher who is already dealing with a number of personal struggles when he discovers that he has inoperable lung cancer. Worried about his family’s financial future, Walter decides to join with a former student Jesse Pinkman in the manufacturing and selling of methamphetamine. Surprisingly, Walter ends up to incredibly adept in the world of crime, soon becoming known in the underworld as the notorious Heisenberg. But Walter’s growing participation in the crime scene invariably causes conflict within his family, showing that even well-intentioned actions have consequences.

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