Get Your Daily Dose of Selfies with @MrPimpGoodGame

Around the beginning of September an Instagram account started to gain some major traction as everyone started to notice @mrpimpgoodgame. He is the self proclaimed Leader of the Selfie Movement and with one look at his account, you will see why he is the king of selfies. His name is Benny Winfield, a 37 year old man of Houston, Texas.

Ironically enough, his profile is different from everyone else and he stands out from the crowd by showcasing all selfies taken from the same angle. At first you take a baffled look at his Instagram profile but as you continue to scroll find it quite entertaining. Benny Winfield is just a harmless nice guy with a smile here to brighten up your Instagram feed.

Benny’s fame in the selfie movement can mostly be attributed to Julia Beverly who posted “ok this is a lil creepy… ‘pimpgoodgame’ is now following me on IG” on her Instagram account. That remark was insulting at first until the new followers started to flood into @mrpimpgoodgame’s account. Since then, Benny has thanked Julia Beverly and has attributed his new found fame to her.

With his recent new found internet fame, a bottle of Clique Vodka was given to him and he decided to take a #CliqueShots Selfie for the world to see. Thanks Benny!

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By: Pat Hanavan


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