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Born in Pittsburgh, PA but raised in Florida, Amanda Cerny is a bikini model, FSU student and was Miss October 2011 of Playboy magazine. The tale of the tape for this beautiful girl is 120 lbs. and her measurements are 34-24-34 with a C/D cup. She began modeling when she was 15 years old, just for fun. She submitted her photos to different agencies and competitions once she built up her portfolio. All that early work has paid off and one day she received a call about being chosen by Playboy for a test shoot. She was later flown out to the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles for three nights and even attended the Kandyland Halloween party where she met Hugh Hefner.


The life of a Playboy Playmate sure does look as if it has its perks. She was spotted on vacation with Dane Cook and believed to have been romantically involved with him back in 2011. If you follow Amanda Cerny’s Instagram account you can see her traveling all over the world showing up at events, modeling and just doing what she loves.


Her interests include modeling, traveling, boating, wake boarding, friends, family and skydiving. She earned a first-degree black belt in karate when she was 11, got straight A’s while running varsity track in high school, and celebrated her 18th birthday by free falling at 120 mph.

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By: Pat Hanavan



  1. Ed Cain said:

    Poor Taste,Guys.Just because she was in Playboy,doesn’t Mean she should have to put up w/A.Hole comments

  2. Francis said:

    I like these photos they are tasteful and she is just what the title says, playful she seems to have fun and she is funny, and seems to greet any ol joe off the streets gne same as anybody else. (If you greet her like a human being and not rude).

  3. Michael jr said:

    she is a doll and funny as well. Beauty and the sense of humor the total package. Her vines are hilarious she needs to keep her chin and roll with it.

    • Daniel said:

      She’s a faboulous playmate. Like not seen in a long time. Since the book binding editions. I’d marry her if I could.

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