Girls In Their Undies Vs Zombies: Babes Busting Zombie Skulls

If you haven’t noticed, the horror genre has gotten hijacked pretty hardcore. When was the last vampire anything that you haven’t rolled your eyes at? Remember when a werewolf was something more than a big dog? Oh yeah… remember when the goal of both vampires and werewolves was to be scary? Those were the days. With shows like True Blood and movies like Twilight, everything that used to be gory, terrifying, and nightmare-worthy monsters, has been completely bastardized and converted to a supernatural version of Magic Mike. It’s all just a new, even more lame way to make girls scream “YEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!” There’s something about the subject of vampires and werewolves that just doesn’t have the same darkness and intrigue as it absolutely used to.

The way this post is shaping up, it’s starting to sound like girls just stole the boys’ favorite toys. You know what toys those cootie-ridden girls can’t take? You know what can truly never be turned into a sexy, lame Ken doll? You know what guys can always latch onto in the horror genre and keep as their own, as far as the monsters themselves are concerned? Zombies. Lets take it one step further. You know what guys can do around those brains-starving, rotting, walking undead? Make the zombies get killed by sexy babes in their bra, panties and night gowns.

Girls In Their Undies Vs Zombies:

undie-zombie-2 undie-zombie-3 undie-zombie-4undie-zombie-5 undie-zombie-6 undie-zombie-7undie-zombie-8

Meet Massgrfx, a deviantArt illustrator and the creator of the ‘Girls In Their Undies Vs Zombies’ visual series. This isn’t the first time that I have come across these images, but after a little digging, I would have never guessed they were introduced to the world wide web in 2011. I found an old journal post of his from September 20, 2011 about the zombie babes in their unmentionables:

Woke up to a huge buzzy-type buzzing on facebook and here on dA…

The first few pieces from my b-movie series made its way through them internets,
bouncing around “nerdapproved” and “sogeekchic,” and catching the eye of the infamous
“the daily what geek.”

Humbled and surprised, to say the least… and, yes… there are phu-lenty more… I am
working up a massgrfx coffee table book – strictly babes v. zombies (although I think there
may be a robot appearance).

Anyway. Sweet! Off to save the world, and pay some bills…

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find the coffee table book, the robot appearance, or anything more than the photos posted in this writeup, but rest assured I’m far from done with my search. Hit up the comments below and lets get a Snakes on a Plane thing going on. What other scenarios can you think up with sexy babes, weapons, killing-styles, all while dressed scantily clad? I fully intend on hitting up Mr. Massgrfx and seeing about getting this project back on track, or more information on it at the very least.

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By: Eli Rebich



    • Eli RebichEli Rebich said:

      Right!? this guy was onto something pretty awesome. I’m really tying to get in touch with him to see what ever happened to this project. It sounded like there was some pretty cool plans in the works for this at one point.

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