Gravity Movie Review

A lot of people are confused as to what this movie is actually about. Does Sandra Bullock just floats deep out into space, run out of oxygen and have her head explode? Does George Clooney charm the pants off of Sandra Bullock and blindside us with a Tarantino style twist turning Gravity into a skinemax space movie? [catches breath] All I can say is that, I don’t know if your head explodes when you run out of oxygen and Gravity is an experience, I highly suggest you see it….. especially in 3D. I’ve never before sat through a movie that took you along for the ride as well as Gravity did.


The movie wastes no time building up an unnecessary backstory to the characters. Right from jump, you are in space weightlessly floating over Earth slowly learning about how small we really are. Flowing with a long continuous camera shot, you float around space as if you are too hanging out with George and Sandy. Then, shit hits the fan! And by fan I mean other satellites. News breaks via Houston of nearby satellite debris floating in orbit at speeds as fast as a bullet. The astronauts do not like this. It all floats down hill very fast from here and just about every time you think the movie is over….. it’s not.


Here is an important question, how were the performances? I love George Clooney and it is impossible for him to suck in a role. Could be because every character George Clooney plays is George Clooney. And that is not a bad thing. If you are wondering about Clooney’s character, watch Out of Sight and put that guy in an astronaut suit. For those of you who are not Sandra Bullock fans, you should be. She is great. Yea her voice annoys everyone and her facial features are kind of pointy but she gives one hell of a performance in this flick.


Even if you hate the storyline or also cannot stand Sandra Bullock’s voice, watch it with no sound. It is an absolutley visually gratifying experience. If you try to watch it with no sight, it will sound like a really long, intense and awkward sex tape. But again, the visual effects and cinematography are mind blowing. Watching this movie literally made me feel as if my head was going to explode just as I hopped Sandy’s did.


I cant exactly put my finger on it but there are many metaphors which could be explored with this film. The complete human cycle, drug addition, coping with a death, avoiding suicide, religion etc. It was intense and there a huge indicators throughout the movie that make you look into this film a little deeper than you should. A blatantly obvious scene featuring Sandra Bullock floating in the fetal position as if she is in a mother’s womb. If you miss that one, you are blind. Also a few religious items are sprinkled throughout the movie. If you can find them all, report back to me. It will be like those old Highlight’s magazines at the dentist.


To give you an idea of what this movie is like. From what I am told, if humans could remember birth, it would be the most traumatic event of our lives. The way this movie grips you from the start and pulls you into the point of view of Sandy, it gives you a taste of how traumatic birth would be to remember.

Tell me your thoughts after seeing it, comment below!
By: Pat Hanavan