Halloween Contest: $500 and Tom Savini Autograph

For Halloween, Clique Vodka has a contest aligned with the horror legend, Tom Savini. You could enter to win a personalized and autographed picture [pictured below] from Tom Savini himself. On top of that, a $500 cash prize only makes it better. Imagine what kind of Halloween costume you could create with an extra $500 in your pocket. The possibilities are endless! If those possibilities are within a $500 investment….

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Tom Savini has been a long time friend of the business and has made multiple appearances at events of ours. Most recently, Savini joined us for a trip to the movie theater to see his new film, Machete Kills, and had also joined us for the first film, Machete.


Tom Savini acquired a remarkable cult following among horror film fans, primarily due to his ground-breaking special effects in the splatter movie explosion of the early 1980s. Where he really caught the attention of horror buffs with his grisly effects in the cult George A. Romero-directed zombie film Dawn of the Dead (1978), and then in the controversial slasher film Friday the 13th (1980), the movie generally identified as the kickstart for the aforementioned splatter movie genre.

Not content with just being behind the lens, Savini has appeared in close to 60 films. One of his most notable roles is as “Sex Machine”,  leather-clad biker with a groin-mounted gun in Robert Rodriguez’s 1996 film, From Dusk Till Dawn. Other popular films you may recognize him from would be DJango Unchained, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and even Kevin Smith’s Zach and Miri Make a Porno.


In theaters now, you can catch Tom Savini alongside Danny Trejo in the new film, Machete Kills. Savini can be seen alongside actors like Mel Gibson, Sofía Vergara, Lady Gaga, Antonio Banderas, Cuba Gooding Jr., Vanessa Hudgens, Charlie Sheen and many more. Savini was one of the lucky ones to reprise their role from the original Machete film along with Michelle Rodriguez and Jessica Alba.


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