Help BlameShift with their New Album: Secrets

If you feel like doing some good for other people today, you can help our friends Blameshift out. Right now, you can pre-order Blameshift’s new album, Secrets, set to release next week and also help them chart on Billboard! Blameshift will be performing at an intimate show at our offices in the new Faded Loft this weekend so be a friend and help support them! Not familiar with Blameshift? Here is a quick introduction:

We have a brand new album that we can’t wait to share with you. We decided that instead of just releasing the album on November 5th, we wanted to make this release special. Along with PledgeMusic we have created a way to release “Secrets” in a fun and unique way. If you look to the right you will see a list of incentives that you can pledge for, along with the album itself. They are all exclusive items and content that you can only get here. Our ultimate goal is to chart on Billboard’s Heatseekers Chart the week our album officially comes out. All the pre-orders we get from now until then will not only count towards that goal but greatly increase our chances of achieving it.” –Blameshift PledgeMusic Campaign


Blameshift will be in the new Faded Industry Loft for an intimate event at the Surreal Sessions concert and after party. This will be a one-of-a-kind event as well as a good way to bid farewell to our friends, Instead of Sleeping. Need more info? Hit us up @FadedIndustry.

By: Pat Hanavan



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