Into The Hobbit And LOTR? You’ll LOVE Live Action Shadow Of Mordor

Ever since Lord of  the Rings hit the screen, fans have been ravenous for Tolkien. More so than they already were. Peter Jackson took it upon himself to continue recreating the tale, and began producing films for The Hobbit. With the third Hobbit on the way, an angry, vengeful Smaug dragon on his way to burn down a nearby town, and a very large battle about to ensue, people are dying for anything new and Hobbit-related they can get their hands on. Well Hobbit fans, you’re in luck!!!

Shadow of Mordor

I generally consider anything produced in homage of an existing movie/video game/entertainment franchise and not employed by a major studio, a fan film. Sure there are indie films but this is just shy of 8 minutes long. 8 minutes long of awesome. I’ve always assumed it must be so much harder to make a realistic fan production of medieval time-ish things than modern/sci-fi things. Armor and detailed swords alone are hard to replicate, let alone getting good acting in the mix. Sci-fi can rely on tons of CGI to make up for lack of real props. In Middle Earth, that’s just not going to fly. While fans are losing their heads waiting for the new Hobbit, this is one hell of a way to bridge the gap. Fans are kinda like this orc…


Meet Corridor Digital. They’re a group of guys with few words when it comes to describing themselves. “We make those YouTube videos you might have heard about.” – “Sweet content and tricks from dudes who love shooting and vfx.” – “Crazy action and visual fx? Heck yeah.” – Succinct in it’s brevity. Their work speaks for itself. Check out their YouTube page. You wont be disappointed.

I’m a pretty big sucker for all things Tolkien-related, so asking me what my favorite part of this would probably be a fruitless endeavor. Hopefully the same is not true for you. What was your favorite part of the video? Are You stoked for the new Hobbit film. Are you into the two new Hobbit films out so far? Hit up the comments, humans!

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By: Eli Rebich


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