Holiday Style Tips

The holiday season has finally arrived, and with it the Christmas parties, family occasions and meetings with old friends typical of this time of year. It’s a wonderful time to kick back and relax, but with so much socializing going on, it’s also a time to show off the best of your fashion sense. Sometimes people more or less disregard holiday fashion as a colorful and somewhat goofy niche of its own. But the truth is that there are numerous ways to embrace seasonal themes without sacrificing your genuine style sense.

With that in mind, here are five key style tips for the 2015 holiday season.

1. Seek Out Classy Christmas Sweaters

Over the years, the idea of Christmas sweaters has become something of a joke. Many people hold or attend “ugly Christmas sweater” parties, and a lot of us have a go-to goofy sweatshirt to wear during the holidays. This can be fun to mess around with, but if you’re actually in the market for a legitimately classy Christmas sweater, there’s hope. In fact, as is made clear on Pinterest, there are a lot of options that incorporate holiday themes without getting goofy or tacky.

2. Buy A Blue Suit

Blue isn’t a traditional Christmas color, but then again you’re probably not going to wear a red or green suit if you’re going for stylish! And given that, blue is a little bit more festive than black or grey, and it does fit in with the cold weather and (possibly) snowy background of a holiday setting. Blue suits also tend to be versatile and can be dressed up or down a little bit depending on the specific occasion. Plus, they can look super-sharp with red ties.

3. Find Color In Flannel

It’s a colorful time of year, and that can lead to some goofy fashion decisions. That’s fine to some extent, because there’s certainly a playful aspect to holiday style. But if you want to find a very natural, classy way to inject some brightness into your winter wardrobe, think about a few new flannel shirts. As seen on King Size Direct, this season’s flannel offerings, both plain and plaid, cover the entire color spectrum, which gives you a lot of options. Stocking your closet to suit the whole color wheel isn’t necessary, but one or two colorful options (maybe with some green and/or red to suit the season) is never a bad idea.


4. Skip The Themed Ties & Socks

This idea comes from the holiday style tips at Art of Manliness, and it’s one that really can’t be stressed enough. Sure they’re something playful and carefree about Christmas-themed socks or ties (or even pocket squares), but really these kinds of items are just about as tacky as the average ugly Christmas sweater. If you must wear goofy Christmas socks, do so at home by the fire with your loved ones. When you’re looking to exhibit some holiday style though, go for something subtler. Even a dark red or green scarf can do the trick where Santa socks distract from your look.

5. Invest In An Overcoat

Even if it’s not that cold where you’re celebrating the holidays (and much of the U.S. is unseasonably warm this year), an overcoat just makes for a classy image when you’re headed to any holiday dinner or party. Even if it feels a little warm outside, coming and going in nothing but your shirt or sweater can almost make you look a little bit underprepared for the season. An overcoat, however, gives you a thorough and composed look.

There you have it! The specifics are up to you, but these general tips should guide you toward some rock solid holiday fashion.


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