Hot Fitwear You’ve Never Heard of: Brazilian Yoga Pants!

Looking good while being active is definitely something we at Faded Industry can appreciate in a lady. So yes, you read that title right; there is something even hotter than yoga pants: BRAZILIAN YOGA PANTS. I’m pretty much obsessed with this line of workout wear ever since I got to model a set from Dona Jo Fitwear in a fashion show this year for charity.


I have been waiting and waiting for the online sales to open for Dona Jo. Happily, that happened a few weeks ago and the fashion police would find it criminal of me to not spread the word of this curve-hugging apparel!


To know a little more about this line, launched by Ashley Ferraro, “Dona Jo Fitwear offers fashionable and high quality sportswear with colorful prints and innovative designs. Our designs are inspired by the vibrant and free-spirited Brazilian culture and our shoppers (our Jo Jo’s), are just as fashionable, active, and as free-spirited as the line. More than a brand, Dona Jo is the new concept of sportswear! With an array of bold colors and patterns, our Jo Jo’s can now look chic in every facet of their lives, even at the gym.

DSC_4532_large (2)

The unique fabric from Brazil has a 5-way stretch that allows for a one size fits most (0-12) design. Dona Jo fabrics are not just pretty they are functional too – breathable, color-fast, fast drying, and minimizes the appearance of cellulite. Jo Jo’s be sexy, stylish and beautiful while getting sweaty! Are you #fashionablyfit?” Ashley’s line includes tops, sports bras, yoga pants-like bottoms, and the exotic MACACAO.


“What the H is a Macacao?” You ask. Well, it’s a fashion term for a one piece outfit that Dona Jo carries in workout form. “Macacao a beautifully constructed one-piece that makes you a lean, mean, workout machine! … the Macacao is perfect for literally any fitness activity.



Yoga has been the most surprising for me – it completely eliminated that annoying shirt flipping up problem. They are all tight, fitted and “barbie-looking” small BUT trust me they will fit all my Jo Jo’s sizes 0-10. The fabric stretches 5x, its breathable and it wicks the sweat – oh and it masks the appearance of cellulite.” Check out more pictures of her fitwear and hot models below!

1045027_677123078968002_80981741_n DSC_4389_large 1237677_697196563627320_1190806705_n 1185532_686277818052528_2049033768_n 1150858_684120094934967_70423595_n 1148928_685530658127244_40322114_n 1006049_687425557937754_637490912_n 1005673_682934045053572_60767649_n 1005428_663595970320713_460323429_n 994767_657078220972488_198289119_n 971885_646385758708401_1927272107_n 942952_664645703549073_928276995_n 603000_672845829395727_75214053_n 432175_646385675375076_535792431_n 391638_646385648708412_628342222_n 601_646385635375080_874233036_n

Now let’s be honest that we all don’t feel 100% comfortable in skin bearing tops all the time but not to worry! There are slouchy tops that give you confidence about your middle area as you strut your smooth legs in the bottoms! The set right below is of course one of my favorites (pink and black of course).

1010395_680173435329633_1793307819_n 1012297_662444867102490_1824186241_n

1185495_695712597109050_255306535_n 1185097_697641500249493_1188384126_n

I met Ashley at the fashion show and she was as beautiful as the pictures on her Instagram depict! Long blonde hair and glutes even a Brazilian would envy (I sure do!). She truly lives her brand!

ashley 2 1003944_10152186196173378_1406462643_n 300554_10151973741408378_487338095_n


I’m sorry Victoria’s Secret, but you are no longer the only brand that will wrap around my butt, Dona Jo is my new favorite!! Shop online HERE for the styles shown in this post and comment below if your try out this line, I want to hear from you Jo Jos on twitter!