Hot Russian Girls “Twerking” Video Will Be The Best Part Of Your Day

Some more gold is hitting the internet from one of my favorite corners of YouTube, Fraules Girl. Twerking has developed an interesting stigma across the internet since Miley started shoving it down America’s throat. Girls from everywhere love to hop on their own YouTube channel posting their strange twerking attempts but nothing compares to what’s produced by the hot Russian girls over at the Fraules Girl YouTube channel. Case in point, watch these lovely ladies twerk it out to Travis Porter’s Bring It Back.


Would I feel the same way about this video if they were wearing pants and booty shorts were not present? That is completely up for debate. My point is this, beyond this video topping the list as one of my all time fantasies, these girls are just fun to watch. They’ve literately perfected the art of the twerk and giving my brain something else to enjoy outside of just some Russian booty shaking. Circling back to these videos topping my fantasy list, yes, being stuck in a room with a bunch of hot Russians equipped with great asses they professionally know how to shake… I’d buy an extra ticket just so I had something to frame.


By: Pat Hanavan


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