Hottie of the Week: Ashley!

Happy Fourth of July!!! Our Hottie of the Week is Ashley; and boy can she protect our country’s freedom (to look at hot women!) in this sexy outfit! She’s like a little action figure/Machine Gun Barbie!  Ashley currently lives in Pittsburgh, PA but grew up all over the world. She has lived in eight different countries: born in Yokosuka, Japan then moved to Bolivia, Canada, Honduras, South africa, and Colombia. However, even with all her worldly travels she says: “Pittsburgh is definitely the place to be 😉 Go Steelers!”

I asked Ashley our usual Hottie questions and here are her responses. When asked about who would she model or promote for, if she could pick anyone/anything, she said, “I’m a huge fan of runway, my ultimate dream would to someday be a Calvin Klein runway model. But I have recently found myself doing a lot more glamour/bikini modeling work which I would love to work with Maxim, Swimsuit USA, and related sponsors in the industry.”

As to who is an idol in the fashion or modeling world for  Ashley, she responded, Brooke Shields is my idol, she is naturally one of the worlds most beautiful women becoming one of Calvin Klein’s top models and yet she conquered another one of my “huge” dreams; being on the cover of Vogue.” With successes like snagging the lead role in a Coca Cola commercial in Latin America and being crowned Miss 4 Wheel Jamboree Nationals 2011 last year, Ashley is well on her way! Not to mention, Ashley also speaks fluent spanish and just graduated last month from an aviation school to become a pilot and air traffic controller. That is a super impressive achievement! If you would like to contact Ashley for any work related opportunities, (or to hire her as a pilot!!)  fans and potential employers can contact her through her Facebook.

Remember, our Hotties of the Week are here to be celebrated and appreciated! If you know someone you would like to nominate to be a Hottie of the Week, please check out our Hottie of the Week Contest!


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