Hottie of the Week: Cara Parrish!

Did you know that there are a lot of hot girls in Morgantown? Well maybe those of you in the Pittsburgh area didn’t because you are blinded by the College football rivalries, but I’m here to tell you to get over it! We can all agree to root for hotties!  Let’s start with this Hottie of the Week: Cara Parrish.

Cara Parrish is from a tiny country town right outside of Morgantown, WV.  She’s “lived in Morgantown for the longest portion of my life which is why it has my heart. That’s why I call it home.” How sweet is that! About as sweet as her little angelic face!

So, I asked Cara our usual Hottie questions and here are her responses. When asked about who would she model or promote for, if she could pick anyone/anything, she said,  “Call me ambitious, but I want to be my own brand. My clothing line, Death To Ordinary, premieres in December and I can’t imagine a better company for me to flood my modeling and promoting skills into than building myself as a brand, unless Clique Vodka needs a spokes-model.”  Hmm,  I think the team at Clique can appreciate the ingenuity of  starting a brand of her own! Let’s make this happen.

As to who is an idol in the fashion or modeling world for Cara Parrish, she said, “Audrey Kitching took freelance modeling work and made herself an internet icon. Allison Harvard (from America’s Next Top Model) took her unique features and made it clear that beauty is more than the “cookie cutter” image we usually see plastered on magazines. I love when a model conveys her personality in her images. You feel like you know someone personally or relate to them on some level just from seeing their work. I want more than my image out in the world. I want people to connect with me.” Great role models for sure, and I love the photos of Audrey with pink hair! I also want to give Jaboy Photography a shout out for some of these awesome images of Cara!

If you would like to contact Cara Parrish for any work related opportunities,  fans and potential employers can contact her though her Gmail address by clicking here: Cara’s Email . She also has a Facebook page so click this too: Cara’s FB. She says, “I love meeting new people, especially when I’m traveling. If anyone notices that I’m in their town, show me around! I always need someone to show me where I can buy my comic books, which bar has the best drinks, and which bakery makes the best cupcakes.” Could that person be you?” You better tweet Cara to let her know!

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