Hottie of the Week: Kenzzi Jane!

Our Hottie of the Week is Kenzzi from Pittsburgh! I asked her our usual Hottie questions, of course, so keep reading all the way down to the gallery! ;)  When asked about who would she model or promote for, if she could pick anyone/anything, Kenzzi said,  “Any brand that promotes a good time!! Clique, Rockstar Energy, Front.” Good answer, that aspect of a brand is what keeps an employee happy!

As to who is an idol in the fashion or modeling world, she said, “I’ll always look up to Bettie Page. She paved the way for Pin-up Fetish mix modeling. Currently Dita Von Teese, she’s incredible.” Pin-up style isn’t just Bettie Page bangs and a certain wardrobe; it heavily relies on the perfect expressions in your face to give that cheeky appeal to a pose- and you can see Kenzzi nailing that aspect in her pics!

If you would like to contact Kenzzi  for any work related opportunities,  fans and potential employers can contact her though her Facebook page HERE, her GMAIL , or on her Model Mayhem page, where I found her right HERE.


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