Hottie of the Week: Marie!

Happy Wednesday! Can I just say that I love the internet and I love my job??While creepin’ on the internet the other day, saw a picture of a beautiful woman at the annual Sewickly Unleashed event. Upon further creeping, (research!) I discovered that the hottie was none other than the owner of Scrappy’s Closet! If you didn’t see our blog post on Scrappy’s Closet, you should check it out because it has THE cutest clothing and accessories for your favorite pooch! Therefore, it was a no brainer to select this week’s official Hottie of the Week: Marie Blanchard!

 I always give props to females who look amazing in person and in casual images (such as walking outside at an event) without any photoshop editing, and Marie deserves more  than I can give.  After looking at her endless portfolio images, her beauty is outstanding and I could barely decide on which few to put this post! Gracing the pages of American Curves Magazine, Silk, Fever, among others, and I’m sure many more to come; Marie could get by on looks alone, but has the brains to go with it.  I asked her to tell me more about Scrappy’s and she responded:

 “Scrappy’s Closet was created and launched in March 2012. It was only just a small idea as a reflection of my very special puppy Scrappy I love and admire so much! Scrappy’s Closet offers high quality, fun and trendy products for your pups. We have a great collection of casual and sports wear which covers everything from the NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB. We also have awesome accessories such as collars, leashes and boots that are all adorable and affordable. Scrappy’s Closet believe in providing great customer service and a wonderful experience shopping with us.”  I certainly know where I will be shopping for my cute little boy Chihuahua’s next outfits! (Don’t judge me! They get cold and need coats in the winter!)

In addition to details on her store, I asked Marie our usual Hottie questions and here are her responses. When asked about who would she model or promote for, if she could pick anyone/anything, she said, “If I could model/promote for any company, it would be Tiffany! I love their products/jewelry. It exemplify class and Style!”  Tiffany’s certainly has a timeless beauty just like Marie- they should call her immediately! As to an idol in the fashion or modeling world,  she responded, “I used to look up to Tyra Banks when I was younger because she was such a successful and beautiful model. Now I adore her because she is the ultimate powerhouse business woman!” Marie, you are well on your way to being a powerhouse business woman yourself!

 If you would like to contact Marie for any work related opportunities, fans and potential employers can contact her by either Facebook , or Twitter. In addition, I definitely urge you to check out her fan page for many more stunning pictures! And if you just want to shop at Scrappy’s Closet; Click here!

 Remember, our Hotties of the Week are here to be celebrated and appreciated! If you know someone you would like to nominate to be a Hottie of the Week, please check out our Hottie of the Week Contest!


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