Hottie of the Week: Lexii

Happy Fridayday!  This week’s hottie is Lexii; a born and raised Pittsburgh Girl! I asked Lexii our usual Hottie questions and here are her responses. When asked about who would she model or promote for, if she could pick anyone/anything, she said, “If I could model for any company, I would model for Victoria’s Secret! I’m too short but it would be amazing!”  Well, I think the standards should be changed to allow Lexii to model for them, because who cares how tall you are when you are lying around in sexy lingerie anyway??

As to who is an idol in the fashion or modeling world for Lexii,  she responded, “Tyra Banks! She has done so much and she’s so unique and not afraid to be different! She’s fierce =)”  Another Tyra fan, just like Marie (last week’s Hottie)!

I must mention that the photographs in this post are worthy of any America’s Next Top Model shoot! This bikini picture and the first two below were taken by one of my favorite Pittsburgh area photographers: Mark Brosius. You can contact see his website here, or contact him on Facebook, Twitter, or Model Mayhem! In addition, some of the other photos are credited to Megan Gardner , (who I have had the privilage of working with as well!)  Stacy Wescoe, and Cindy Hines. Please check them out!

If you would like to contact Lexii  for any work related opportunities, fans and potential employers can contact her  through her Model Mayhem.


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