How To Make an Air Conditioner for Only $8

A Kickstarter for an idea to improve the cooler and has already raised over $5 Million in funding! With a goal to raise only $50,000, it seems as if this project has been kickstarted by an army of hell fire horses on steroids. There is currently 43 days left for his campaign meaning that there could potentially be even more millions flooding in. This concept comes from a man who saw an opportunity with the boring long time design of the standard cooler and he wanted to make it better. Where he saw the opportunity to improve the cooler, others have found the opportunity to transform the cooler. If somehow this cooler build is not enough to cool the place, hopefully not hellish, you have right now then you may want to consider installing a proper air conditioning system or unit. Head over to QuoteCheck for estimates on installing one in the UK.

This transformation will save you hundreds of dollars compared to purchasing a portable air conditioner unit for your home but it also will destroy a cooler in the process. The best news of all, it should only cost you about $8 and about 10 minutes of your time. You can pick up a Styrofoam cooler for about $4 at most stores. Dryers vents cost about $2 dollars a pop. All you need after that is an old fan and some frozen bottles of water!

Follow this simple Step by Step process:

1: Cooler, Vents, Fan


2:Draw Lines for Vents and Fan


3: Cut Holes for Vents and Fan


4: Turn Water into Ice


5: Put Ice into Cooler


6: Hook Everything up, Enjoy Cool Air!


Awesome idea, cheap and effective. I’ll start working on a similar heating system for the coming winter months…


By: Pat Hanavan


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