How to make Rainbow-Brites

We’re back in the mixology lab with another colorful concoction for all of you Jella-holics out there, and this one takes one of our creations to a whole new level! Not only are we making colorful vodka filled cubes, but we’re gonna freeze them, then pour more vodka on top! Get ready to make some “Rainbow Brites!”

Step 1:


To make this showstopping cocktail you will need: 6 boxes of Jello (rainbow colors), 2 boxes of unflavored gelatin, 2 bottles of tasty vodka, a huge glass baking dish, spoon, bowl, cocktail tin and mixing glass, strainer and a 1c measuring cup. *Bonus* If your as lucky as me, one of your jello boxes will entitle you to a free jello mold! Plus shipping and handling of course, but doesn’t that just bring you back to images of saving upc codes for silly prizes as a kid? At least the prizes are getting better…….anyways.

Step 2:


In a bowl, stir the box of red powder with 1 packet of unflavored gelatin together to mix, then add in 1 cup boiling water and stir until completly dissolved. Why stir the powders together first? Well, if you just dump hot water onto piles of powder, the unflavored gelatin will take longer to dissolve, making your mixture very clumpy and prone to sticking on the spoon.

Step 3:


Pour 1/2 cup of the vodka into the measuring cup, and fill the rest of the way with cold water. Dump it into a cocktail tin with about 3 ice cubes and shake away until the ice has dissolved, and the liquid is cold. Then pour into the bowl.

Step 4:


Stir a couple of times, then pour into the baking pan. Stick it in the fridge, and check on it in about 20 minutes. If you touch the jello with your finger, it should not be set, and leave a fingerprint. Start the process over with orange, yellow, green….and the rest of the colors. When you get to the purple layer, just use whatever vodka you have left for the cold portion and add fill the rest of the cup with water before chilling. Stick it in the fridge until it sets completely.

Step 5:


After the whole dish has set, you can move it on over to the freezer for a few hours (I left it in there overnight) until it is nice and frosty. *Warning* If you don’t wait for the last layer to set before transferring to the freezer it may not bond onto the blue layer and will fall off when you try to cut the cubes.

Step 6:


When your humongous jello cake is totally frozen, take it out of the freezer and dip it in2 inches of warm water in the bottom of your sink for about 10 seconds- just long enough to barely loosen the dino sized jello shot, if you leave it there too long the jello will start o melt and make getting it out of the pan very messy. Cover the glass dish with a cookie sheet and quickly flip them over. If the jello doesn’t fall out immediatly, try dunking it in water water again for a few seconds and gently pressing down around the edges. Now that you have one massive jiggling vodka cube, cut it into cubes (I tried both little and king cubes) and toss them back into the tray or in a bowl.

Step 7:


After all your amazing prep work, the cocktail itself it as simple as it gets: Add a big cube or five to a glass, fill it almost to the top with lemon lime soda, then top with chilled vodka. Make sure you don’t try to add the vodka first or it will start to melt the cubes too fast. As you sip, you can take a jello shot at your lesisure, or just hold onto a big cup of rainbow and keep refilling it. Either way, this cocktail is a definite crowd pleaser- And when your freinds ask how you became such a great mixologist- simply smile and say “I was born this way.” (Jello recipe by Lead Mixologist Tara Shinn)


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