Hunter S. Thompson Hates Cable Companies Too. The Funniest Voicemail In Existence.

Cable companies have been under fire for years now. Comcast more than most, has been getting buried under poor customer service reviews. Just a few short months ago, a recording of an absurd Comcast customer service call hit the internet and set the world wide web ablaze with cable-provider hate stories. Ex-Comcast customer service employees came out of the woodwork, letting blogs and other media outlets interview them and report on all the messed-up company policies that push employees to be anything but helpful, all in the name of meeting a quota. Well lets just say there’s quite a difference between the everyday cable customer service call and Hunter S. Thompson receiving the answering machine of the cable company.

This is probably the funniest thing you’ll hear through the rest of 2014. The roller coaster ride of frustrations Hunter S. Thompson takes you on is billions and billions times better than anyone else can vocalize. Also, wear headphones if you’re at work because, as all customer service calls should be with cable companies, this one is 100% NSFW.

Hunter S. Thompson Cable Company Voice Mail

When I heard this voice mail, I was sitting on the bed in an insanely nice hotel room. A hotel WAY too swanky for the antics that were about to happen within it. It seemed like the perfect Hunter S. Thompson-esk setting to listen to an insane Hunter S. Thompson voice mail, in a fashion that only Hunter S. Thompson could deliver such a voice mail.


Most people know of the name “Hunter S. Thompson” in conjunction with the movie, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. If that’s the case with you, rightfully so. Nobody can judge you too much for not knowing much of his literary past, because that movie is nothing short of amazing on its own. The father of “Gonzo Journalism” injected himself into less than well-known experiences and instead of just researching and interviewing others who were closer to the subject, Hunter S. Thompson made himself the protagonist in his first-person accounts. If you haven’t figured it out from the voice mail, his first-person accounts often included him being highly intoxicated with anything he could find or what people gave him.

Blow up the comments with your funniest moments of the voice mail or try to just type out a few of the outbursts Thompson blurted out. I laugh until I’m in tears every time I listen to this.

It wont be the exact same as the movie, but I’ll definitely be going to Las Vegas soon. Following me on  facebooktwitter and instagram would be a wise choice if you’re looking to be entertained by ridiculousness.

By: Eli Rebich


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