I Mustache You a Question!

I Mustache you a Question! Would you like to win some money!?

Welcome to the Official Faded Industry Mustache Contest! Just in time for Cinco De Mayo. As we get ready to host our 6th Annual Cinco De Mayo event at District 3, we are adding on a Mustache Contest and giving you prizes for entering!

The contest is simple, upload a picture of your awesome mustache, get the most “Likes” and WIN! That is all you have to do. Don’t have a mustache? Fake mustaches work too! Tattooed mustaches also work. Any kind of mustache will do.


Click HERE and follow the instructions.

1. Submit photo with your Mustache:

  • Real Mustache
  • Fake Mustache
  • Mustache Tattoo
  • Drawn on Mustache

2. Voting:
Voting will begin this Friday at Noon. When the voting process begins, a Like button will appear under your photo, all your friends have to do is simply “Like” your photo. The photo with the most Likes wins the contest!

3. Winning Picture Gets:

  • $150 Cash Prize
  • VIP Clique Vodka Bottle Service
  • Jock ‘n Roll T-Shirt
  • Faded Industry Shirt & DogTag

The contest will end on Friday May 4th at 6pm. The winner will then be announced. Must be 18 or older to enter, unfortunately anyone who enters and wins that is under 21 will not be allowed at the event or have the ability to claim the bottle service package. Sorry Bieber, but you are not allowed to come to the party!

Entries will be taken until noon on Friday April 27th. Once voting begins you will no longer be able to enter.

Any Questions? Hit me up!


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