Iceland Fitness Models….. Wow

I came across a video of these fitness models from Iceland and I have not stopped watching it ever since. This post was meant to go up weeks ago but every chance I had to get it posted I would start watching the video again. I know very little about Iceland but from what I have been told, Iceland is green and Greenland is covered with ice. Not once was I told that Iceland was covered with smoking hot fitness models. We like fitness models, that’s why we feature girls like Christine and Stephanie!

The video above literally serves no purpose but it now serves as my sunshine to a rainy day. There are two things I love in this world, hot chicks and the gym. Put those together and you have hot fitness models, it’s like a two for one special. What’s your definition of heaven? This video could convince a few that Iceland may be heaven’s cold and chilly alternative.

The beginning of the video reminds me a lot of the infamous music video from Eric Prydz – Call on Me. To date voted best music video on earth in a random poll I asked myself about. Apparently the fitness movement in Iceland is an extremely growing trend already with a solid foundation. As a result, Iceland is marking it’s spot in the world much like the fantasized beautiful women of Sweden, Italy and Russia. A small and sometime forgotten land, Iceland is making it’s mark on planet Earth with their beautiful women who live a life dedicated to fitness and beauty.

Flights are always available and I am thinking I may have to skip Las Vegas this year to take a trip to Iceland. If you are interested and would like to move to Iceland with me, let me know!


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