I’m Having a Gypsy Wedding!

I absolutely love the color pink and I don’t really even know why; it just makes me so happy to see it everywhere and dress in the color! Just some more background on me, one of the main reasons I even chose to work for Clique Vodka was the color of the bottle label. I didn’t even know the company at the time and was chosing between them and a competitor and pretty much made my decision to work because I knew that any Promo Materials and outfits for the Promotional Models would be in the colors of the label/logo- and how could I turn down a brand with pink as an option for those colors! So anyway, back to my point about pink catching my eye and all that; I was channel surfing at 2 am the other night and came across “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding” on TLC and was mesmerised by the dresses these girls get to wear!

Take the first picture for example. That’s Priscilla, who is looking for a husband at age 14. The dress she got to wear- to a party mind you(not even the wedding!)- was a Queen of Hearts theme, an absolute cupcake fluffy dream! I couldn’t have changed the channel if the Batman movie had been released early for free on another station.  This girl’s dad actually flew her to Boston for the fitting and paid for the dress- and another skimpier outfit to change into (pictured left)- so that she could be the prettiest girl at the party. I would wear that bootyshort outfit every day and those boots are to die for!  The dress-maker Sondra Celli did an extraordinary job! I can’t deny how stunning Priscilla looks aside from the overall creepiness of her dad being so excited to show off his scantily clad 14-year-old daughter and marry her off!  He remarked, QUOTE: “It just melted my heart and my stomach, and I felt it deep in my soul the excitement that little girl felt inside her right then.” Check out the video below for more gypsy quotes!

Sooooooo yeah. Aside from the creepiness and all that, I will be watching every episode of this show in awe of the outfits alone! I know if I ever get married, there is no doubt there will be tons of pink and “Bling” involved, so don’t be surprised when I say “I’m having a gypsy wedding!” Tune in to TLC on Sundays at 10pm and Tweet with me about these AWE-some dresses!!! @Cliqueasaurus



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