Insane Chest Workout Mike Rashid

The Secret’s revealed, F%!King Hard Work – CT Fletcher


In another posted video from crazy man CT Fletcher, he coaches Mike Rashid doing an insane chest workout. Rashid starts out with 245lbs (110kg) on the bar. The bar is filled with ten 10 lb plates on each side. He then does 10 reps, takes one plate off each side, then does 10 more reps. He continues this all the way down to one 10 lb plate on each side, then goes back up to 245lbs (110kg) by adding a plate after each 10 rep set.

In the background, you can hear CT Fletcher coaching him on, “I lift shit! I lift shit! I don’t flip hamburgers and I don’t cut hair, I’m a weightlifter and I lift shit!” He adds more with “They want to do this shit but they can’t!”

Mike Rashid is a Better Bodies Sponsored Athlete, a WBFF Pro Muscle Model, and a Strength + Endurance Specialist as well as a self proclaimed Professional Bad Ass. Rashid has three major principles, Intensity, Intensity, and Intensity.

Check out more on Mike Rashid in this video:

Next time I am at the gym, I am going to unsuccessfully attempt that chest workout!



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  3. Preston said:

    That’s intense . I’m 53 and just started working out 22 wks ago.
    Was 235 lbs now 224 at 6-1 tall
    Started with just 45s on the bench
    And almost a pair Cadillacs now .
    If I trained like you would already
    Be there haha. Great video and page

    Orlando fl

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