Internet Challenge: Guy Drinks Gallon of Honey Covered in Bees

The L.A. Beast has completed the stupid. I realize comprehending that opening sentence may be a bit difficult but my brain is completely twisted from what I just watched. I just witnessed a man drinking a gallon of honey, which contains over 24,000 calories, while his face is covered in bees. Kind of a dick move to the bees who worked hard as hell to make that honey… The title of the video comes complete with a warning: Vomit Alert. Looks as if internet challenges are finally evolving. Enough from me, just watch the video!

Santa Monica, CA 90401 Back in 2001, while young L.A. Beast was hitting golf balls into the woods at his parents house, he accidentally stepped on and crushed open a very angry and aggressive bee hive while retrieving his balls. As his mom and sister looked on from the living room window, they saw young L.A. Beast frantically swinging his golf club like a mad man, jumping up and down as he was getting stung more than 21 times by these angry critters. For the past 13 years, the L.A. BEAST has been terrified of BEES and everything BEE related and today, under the spirit of The Ultimate Warrior, he plans on CONQUERING his fear of BEES by Chugging down a GALLON OF HONEY while an entire nest of bees colonize on his face!!

By: Pat Hanavan


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