Interview with Christine Marie

Christine Marie has been a familiar face on FadedIndustry.com. It seems that ever since she started modeling just a little over year ago, many new opportunities have opened up for her. She recently competed in the NPC Fitness Bikini division of bodybuilding winning first place in her class. That was also her first bikini competition as well! Christine Marie has also been picked up by Reaction Nutrition as a sponsored athlete.

This weekend, you can catch Christine Marie out at the professional boxing matches happening at the Mountaineer Casino, Racetrack and Resort in West Virginia. Christine Marie will be working the ring between rounds as one of Roy Jones Jr.’s Ring Dolls. We sat down with her to talk about her first experience as a Ring Doll as well as what else she has planned for the future.

How was your first experience as a Ring Girl at the last Spadafora Fight?
My first experience was amazing!!! Growing up watching my brother, Shawn Hoberek  and baby sister, Courtney Hoberek fight as amateurs in the ring is the reason I love this sport. It’s another way for me to connect with my siblings but just from a different angle. I’ve tossed the idea to train for a fight.  The conditioning and endurance one builds up is solid.  I see it as a challenge, to myself.

I’m a strong believer in making positive changes in ones life. I feel Spadafora has done that!! People will hang onto his negativity but all I see is what is, not what was. I remember walking past him and looking right into his eyes. I could feel his force, his power and his determination.

I wouldn’t miss a chance to support Bill Hutchinson, as most can see! Not only is he local fighter, but he’s been my own inspiration.   Watching him now prep for a second fight, as I prep for a second competition has been beneficial.  In a world of social media, Ill read a tweet or a status of his and next thing I know, im up taking care of business. When I first met Hutch, he was nothing but positivity.  A quote he has said to me that has since stuck is “get yo haters up!”


How has your experience been working with Roy Jones Jr.?
Being a Ring Doll for Roy Jones Jr…. has been a opportunity most woman would dream of. Troy Ridgley and Roy Jones Jr. have been supportive in my fitness endeavors, and any opportunity that may come to further myself in promotional work.

How do you stay motivated to stay in shape?
I like the positive outcomes that have come from hitting the gym.  The people I met, the opportunities that have presented themselves, and most important the strength I feel within.  There has been sacrifices made, but the doors I’ve closed, I don’t care to reopen them.

You are sponsored by Reaction Nutrition, what is your favorite product from them?
Honestly, I love every  product I tried by Reaction Nutrition. However, if I must pick, probably would be Velocity 1,3 & Image.  Clean would be third.


Would you ever date a boxer?
I’m not against it…I don’t think its the profession of the individual but more like if they have their own drive, dedication, focus and are supportive.  Its easier to date someone who understands my passion, otherwise, let me show you the door.

Who is your favorite boxer?
8 Time World Champ-Roy Jones Jr.
Bill Hutchinson.

What are your goals as a fitness model/competitor?

I have a look that I want to achieve and maintain. Its graved in my head.  So until I achieve it, I’m not slowing down.
I’ll jump on opportunities that may present themselves, and see what may transpire. I live for today. Prepare for tomorrow.
“Don’t expect people to understand your grind, when God didn’t give them your vision!”

What advice would you give to someone who has athletic/ fitness goals?

Look around you, filter out those who aren’t supportive and reach out to whomever may help you reach your goals. Sometimes you got to put yourself out there, and just hope for the best. You will LOSE some, but you WIN some too!!!


What is next for Christine?
I will be competing in Shawn Ray Classic on Aug 17th, and from there my coach & I Michelle Johnson from Team Knockouts will map out my best next move!! I will be attending the Masters National on July 19th, and the IFBB North American on behalf of Reaction Nutrition. So stop by and say hi!

I am shooting for Texas Shredder in March of next year. My first national debut..I WILL compete in front of my sister, Courtney Hoberek.  She has been my supporter and leader through it all! I will make her proud that day.


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