It’s Make Out Monday! Music for when you Mouth Hug

After Walking Dead Sunday, you need a reason to look forward to the week ahead, so I give you: Make Out Monday!


Like Maggie and Glen depict, there is nothing better than a full frontal mouth hug to blow off some stress; whether that be from a zombie apocalypse or just a generic work week ahead of you.  However, the percentage of people who get turned on by a background of zombie growls, groans, and moans is probably pretty small. So, I wanted to share my picks for some awesome songs to make out to with you.


First, you will probably have to drive to meet up with your make out partner, or to a good make out spot unless you already have a willing mouth to suck face with in your vicinity.   I recommend this track from local EDM producer Along Came a Wolf, called “If the World Ends tonight (Please Hold My Hand).”    It is perfect for a fall day, driving around a wooded area (LOL at “wooded area” pun) looking for a secluded spot to park with your honey for an old fashioned make out session. You can download my favorite track here.


Once you’re ready to initiate the kissing,  I’d switch tracks to this song that screams “hipster” to me, but I can’t stop loving: “Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood.  Yes,   I will put my hands in the holes of your sweater! Hopefully, it is a thick, cable knit sweater. The kind Brad Pitt or Christian Grey would wear on a sailboat.


Moving onto another favorite of mine I heard in the Warm Bodies movie: Midnight City from French electronic music band M83. It sounds like a song straight from the 80’s with that saxophone breakdown part but it is super romantical. Starts slow then speeds up and that would be the point in the track where I recommend attempting to remove some layers of clothing from your partner. Trust me, my make out tips have been rigorously tested.


Midnight City really makes a person happy but kissing while smiling can be difficult, so let’s get serious and turn up the heat with Sail. Yes, it’s been pretty played out on the airwaves and at sporting events but Awolnation made it have a beat that 2- 12” subs can vibrate your chest with. Turn it up and if you’ve gone beyond third base at this point, you’ll thank me.


Let’s finish (this list?) with a song I SWORE would not turn me on: Gorilla by Bruno Mars. Side note; I still think it is ridiculous to sing about gorillas making love. Two hairy beasts pounding at each other. Hashtag vomit. Yeah I get the allusion but not sexy whatsoever. BUT, Bruno mars could not be left off of a sexy list of make out songs and the rest of the lyrics are pretty hot. If I had to get it on while an orchestra played around me on a stage, this would be the score to that scene! Wanna make a movie?


So you agree with my picks? Love them or hate them, let me know and tell me your favorites songs to make out to in the comments below! Here are some more sexy couples doing the tongue tango to get you in the mood:

erica-derek BackseatKiss chuck_blair_kiss Dean-and-Anna-jensen-ackleskiss-in-car1 dear_john04autumn-aww-fall-kiss-leavese autumn_kissIntimate-couple-kissing black-couple-kissing-laying-down-e1342504738499 boy-couple-cute-girl-kissing-Favim.com-126810_large bw Couple-Kissing Kiss

Have a great Make Out Monday!


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