JAWsome Shark Week Clothing!

Duhhhhhhh Nun. Dun Nun. Dun Nun Duhnundununununun YEAH SHARK WEEK IS ALMOST HERE! Are you prepared with an Outfit of the Day for Shark Week? Don’t be afraid, because I’ve searched the internets for Shark inspired apparel for guys and hot ladies!

sexy shark dress

First up is a swimsuit I tried to keep under wraps til I could post about it, but it’s getting huge press online right now: The Sharkini Swimsuit. I was totally over one-pieces until I saw this!

shark cut out bathing suit

By Bad Aby Designs, You can buy it for me right here.

shark cut out bathing suit back

Of course, the Discovery Channel has you covered too. A great unisex tee has Snuffy on the front and when you flip it up over your head, you see a shark with Snuffy in his mouth! HAH I am still chuckling but also sad. Poor Snuffy, show you love him by purchasing it HERE.

shark week snuffy tee

Then I found a PINK tank top! Obviously, I need this. It’s all retro and junk too. You love it, buy it here. I did!

pink shark week tank
Not to be all gender-specific but they have a guy’s one too, in neon green. It’s unisex, I’d wear it!

green shark week tee

If you are looking for a specific movie-shark, I found a couple you might recognize. I own the first one, Sharktopus, but you can collect them all!

Sharktopus tee

I’ll have to get a $6 Sharknado tee for my collection from this site!


What about bottoms?  Oh don’t you worry. The Australian clothing company Black Milk Clothing has a shark pattern they put on leggings and dresses.

Shark Leggings black milk clothing Shark dress black milk clothing

I should say HAD a shark pattern, wait, those are unavailable! Oh no! You mean we will just have to buy the Shark-Vs-Mermaid swimsuit from them instead?


I heard there might be GOBLIN SHARKS featured in some of the programming next week. Are you shivering already at the thought? Well, these Shark Slippers will keep you warm!

shark slippers

“Enough with the shark stuff,” you say? Well, if you would rather be BAIT this year, I have you covered, covered with fish scale Mermaid leggings!


Or Jellyfish Leggings!

JellyfishPinkLegs black milk clothing

Ok, I’m pretty sure that 99% of sea creatures and sharks don’t eat jellyfish but I had to show you those! They were just too amazing. Those Mermaid Tails I posted a while back would definitely make you a scrumptious treat for a man-eater too!


Anything else you’ve seen on the internet that I should buy to be ready for Shark Week? Tweet Me or comment below! Discovery’s Shark Week starts Sunday, August 4. Watch new premieres starting at 9|8C and celebrate every week like it’s Shark Week– I know I do!