Jen Selter is Why We Love Yoga Pants

Beautiful girls flood the internet but a few stick out among the rest. As all aspects of fitness continue to become more prevalent across social networks, people are using these networks for inspiration. Fitness models like Jenna Renee, Vida Guerra and Eva Andressa are constantly updating their networks with pictures, inspirational quotes as well as showcasing their dedication to the gym. Now it’s time to meet newcomer, Jen Selter.



There is one thing that link all of these beautiful women together and that is yoga pants. Tight yoga pants may possibly be the greatest invention on earth and you really cannot argue that. Unless of course you are Nikola Tesla; he has quite a catalog of inventions that could be argued. But then again, if he truly was the greatest inventor to ever live, he would have conceived yoga pants.


These specially designed pants are not for everyone though but for someone like Jen Selter, it seems as if they were invented just for her. Throughout her networks, she showcases pictures of her workouts hoping to inspire others. Check out her pictures and networks, hopefully they will inspire you too!

jen-selter-in-skirt selter-poolside js-butt-workout-machine jen-upsidedown yea-jen-squats selter-booty-orange jennifer-selter-in-bikini stairway-stretch-gym pushup-butt js-workout-ball jennifer-selter-gym-selfie-2 jen-selter-at-pool stretching-jennifer nice-booty-pants jen-selter-gym-selfie exercise-ball-workout-js hot-girl-stretch wall-ball-pushup jenniferselter-squat black-and-white-jenselter house-selfie jenselter-selfie-black-dress white-booty-js jenselter-selfie boat-squat-js jenselter-abs jennifer-selter-bikini jenselter-squat js-hot-outfit jenselter-black-yoga-pants js-gym purple-nice-butt boat-push-up-hot-girl jselter-squat js-workout jennifer-selter-yoga js-purple-pants abs-purple-yoga-pants jen-selter-workout jen-selter-grey-yoga-pants

I have a passion for fitness and helping others. I started this page to motivate and share workouts that have helped me achieve my fitness goals!” – Jen Selter

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