Kate Moss in W Magazine

The W in W Magazine must stand for WOW. Somehow I have an unknown subscription to this magazine and have been receiving them for a couple months now…I’m not complaining.  The magazine is incredible, the editorials are dreamy, and the products advertised are way out of my price range, but the images alone would be worth picking one up.

The March 2012 issue of W Magazine houses a spread of fashion veteran Kate Moss. Photographed by Steven Klein and styled by Edward Enninful, Moss at at 38 shows us her “good” and her “bad” side. I was personally blown away by the shoot. Growing up in the 90’s, I have a grungy, drugged out image of Moss permanently burned in my memory. I guess I am unaware, and never understood why Kate Moss is such a big deal. These pictures are just amazing and have forced me into looking at more of Moss‘ work. I know, I probably don’t even deserve to speak her name and fashionistas all over reading this now hate me…I’m learning. Included below are a few photos from the March spread, a full slideshow is available at www.wmagazine.com.


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