Last Minute Gift Ideas!

Don’t let everyone who sees my gift idea blog posts get all excited about getting an awesome gift from you, knowing that you are cool enough to read them,  and then not delivering on their expectations! It would be better get them some of these last minute gift ideas I found today, including a blue testicle plush for when you REALLY want to give someone blueballs. Hilarious!

But no really, I wouldn’t try to buy anything online after Wednesday or Thursday of this week to be safe so make sure you spend tonight shopping online. I personally, am going to have a few glasses of wine and then get to work shopping for things that remind me of other people and will put a smile on their face!

Know a tea lover? Get them the TEA-tanic! Or this Deep TEA Diver Tea Infuser!! Does your friend like a different type of HERB? Get this wearable planter!!! *Do not blame me for any legal trouble the wearer may get into by wearing such a necklace though!*

Maybe you already got someone a few small items and need something they can carry it in? Try this sweet fannypack! I know a certain Promo Model, wait I know THREE Promo Models that would wear the heck out of that (Taia, Rita, and Lia!)!

Cat Lover: Cat DJ Scratching board!

Dog Lover: Duck Muzzle or Refilling Toilet Water Bowl!

Computer Geek with a love of nautical  novels: Squirming usb powered tentacles or Inflatable Tentacle Arm!!


Seriously just give me your money and I’ll do you your shopping!!! These items were all found on Fab, ModCloth, and ThinkGeek. Check those sites out and let me know if I helped save your holiday! Tweet me @Cliqueasaurus!


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