Last X-Men: DOFP Trailer Drops. Dimensions At War, Merge. Total Chaos.

I may not be the biggest fan of most of what the X-Men franchise has produced thus far, but seeing Magneto rip an entire professional sports stadium from the ground and float it, for what looks to be hundreds of yards in the air above us… well… you have my attention, X-Men.

Check out the newest and final trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past.

So there you have it. Pretty insane, right? This seems to be all-encompassing as far as giving us an idea of the movie’s plot, some intriguing looks at sequences that seemingly answer a few questions upfront on how certain things come to be, and what kind of action we can look forward to seeing. X-Men: Days of Future Past taps into an ever recurring theme of the X-Men movies, which has been the United States government having quite the difficult time figuring out how to contain Magneto. Just when they think they’ve got him locked down, here comes Pietro Maximoff, aka Quicksilver [played by Evan Peters, best known for his roles in American Horror Story], with his awesome Pink Floyd shirt on, to bust Magneto out of the highest security prison known to mankind.

Wolverine comes back from the future to stop the Sentinels originating in the past, from evolving into what he knows as his present-day Sentinel Mark X models. There’s an odd timeline happening here that the Sentinels pose. The only thing that is 100% clear is Sentinel Mark X is the “most recent” model, being that it is the model from the future, Bishop’s present day. The first 3 X-Men films have taken place in a typical present day scenario, but have had no mention of Sentinels until the third film where they battle one simulated in the War Room. Take a look at the different Sentinels we are introduced to, to date.

“70’s” Sentinel Mark I:


X-Men 3 Sentinel:


Sentinel Mark X:


So my question is this…

If Sentinels existed in the 1970’s with the First Class X-Men, and they turned on humanity in that time, how was this completely ignored in the first 3 X-Men films and not mentioned by either the humans or mutants who were both being hunted? OR… Does Wolverine go back in time to round up the First Class Mutants and bring them back to a “present time”, which is actually a future time to the first 3 X-Men films where the simulated Sentinel was more of a lucky guess, and that is where Sentinels originated but would still be considered a past time for Bishop?

Or… am I just completely off base here, beyond confusion and/or insane? Individually or altogether are perfectly viable options.

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By: Eli Rebich


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