Lingerie Soccer is Way Better Than the World Cup!

I can say soccer, I’m an American. We already have a sport called football and our sport is spelled correctly. Once every four years, all of the sudden gaggles of your friends become hardcore futbol fans and begin celebrating the World Cup. There is nothing wrong with that, soccer is considered the most popular sport in the world for a reason I still have yet to figure out. That is until I learned about Lingerie Soccer…

None of this is in English but there of course is no reason to have to listen anyways. Just hit the mute button, sit back, and relax. Again, I have to draw a parallel between soccer and football just due to the nature of the word association but lingerie football is also way better than lingerie soccer. This video looked to be more like the Puppy Bowl than anything else. Obviously instead of puppies, it’s hot chicks in lingerie. The point is, this is simply models in lingerie kicking a ball into a net guarded by a goalie who probably can’t even spell the word goalie. The lingerie football league in America is a game that is actually played but unfortunately not really watched…

Let’s bring the lingerie concept to more random sports. Lingerie Hockey could really take over the Canadian market… (if it hasn’t already)

By: Pat Hanavan


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