Looking Back on St. Patrick’s Day

I was going to save this post for Throwback Thursday, but, it needed to be shared ASAP! Today is officially Throwback Tuesday! This is a look back all the way to 2009 at some of the pictures from our past St. Patrick’s Day adventures and parties. Every year Faded Industry throws it down for the Pittsburgh St. Patrick’s Day Parade and this year is no different!

Thousands flock to Pittsburgh’s Market Square where the Pittsburgh St. Patrick’s Day Parade ends to drink and celebrate this glorious holiday. There are many issues though, limited bathrooms, parking in the city, transportation service out of the city, etc. That’s why we started the St. Patrick’s Day Party Bus! This way all of our friends can stick together, see the entire city, and not just be stuck to one location.

If you have any pictures from past parties you do not see here, feel free to share them with us! Post them on our Facebook wall, we will spread the love. Take a look at the pictures from the past, you will even find an original Clique Vodka bottle in there. It’s the Where’s Waldo of these pictures.

St. Patrick’s Day Party Bus 2009

Town Tavern 2010

Jimmy D’s 2011

St. Patrick’s Day Bus 2012

Were you in any of the pix? Share it!


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