Magic Mike Review

So I FINALLY saw Magic Mike last Sunday and I figured I’d write a review for all who were still a little unsure about seeing it. Wow, I just realized I am writing a review about a male review. It’s like Strip-CEPTION.  Anyway, my opinions & tips are as follows.

1. Go on a Weekday Evening Mon-Thurs. We made the mistake of going on a Sunday afternoon when most theaters are not busy. WRONG! All these old ladies were in the audience. I don’t know if they told their husbands they were going grocery shopping or what- but the only produce they were checking out were the BANANA-hammocks. The whole theater was full of these hootin’ and  hollarin’ grandmas who you would swear had never seen a shirtless man before.  I know that the chiseled bodies of Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello (among others) were jaw dropping but freaking out when someone is just standing on-screen fully clothed drinking a beer is a bit much. So yeah, go at another time of day/week.

2. Be prepared for nudity… kind-of. The only man-junk in the film is one in a silhouette and one close to the screen in a P-Pump that is probably fake. Hey guys- there are actually three topless girls in this movie! Including Olivia Munn of Attack of the Show/G4TV fame!!!  All us straight girls get to look at are about 3000000000 naked man butts. Hooray. (not so much). Not that I wanted to see any exposed packages but I’m just giving you the low-down on the down-low.

3. The choreographed dances are hilarious and worth watching.  Remember to check out the other guys on stage aside from the guy in the front because while Magic Mike is mesmerizing you with B-Boy moves;  Big Dick Richie is molesting a hatchet in his fireman suit  and Tarzan (KEVIN NASH) is gyrating his wrestler body and it  is pee-your-pants  hilarious. Those sequences mentioned are taken out of order, but you get the idea.

 4. The only part of this movie I didn’t like was this chick Cody Horn who played Brooke (Magic Mike’s love interest). This chick makes the SAME FACE through the entire movie and they spend a half hour focused on it. I have included the picture of her “expression” in this blog and also nominate her for the Kristen Steward “Zoolander-Every Face is the Same Face” award. Not trying to hate but geez!

5. Finally, my last tip is to Go See This Movie!  Attractive people and hilarious scenes make it worth watching at least once. Although, I probably won’t go see it again because this girl has seen enough man butts to last a lifetime. Or maaaaaaaaybe I’ll buy it and fast forward through those parts! Oh and for my lovely friends who have a lady boner for Mr. Tatum here is the old school video of Channing Tatum back when he was a REAL erotic dancer:

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