Mario Bros. In Real Life: The Four Players – The CSI Mario Crime Drama

Nintendo Entertainment System’s most renown games and characters, Mario Bros., with our two fearless, blue-collar, overall-wearing, plumber brothers, Mario Mario and Luigi Mario, have been given a rebirth of sorts. This buzzword is all the craze in pop culture, so lets just go ahead and call it a reboot. From 8 bit to now, 1080p HD, Mario Bros. has been delivered to us in every format possible. Every innovation level of video game technology, from Atari to Wii U, cartoon series, live action TVseries, live action movie, and now HD short webisodes.

It’s pretty genius, actually. The entertainment group, Polaris, “Dark Knight-ed” the Mario Bros. franchise. They took cartoon icons originally made for kids, and gave the entire package an adult-aimed, real-to-life makeover. Why wouldn’t they? That’s OUR game. WE grew up with that. Mario Bros. is a huge success solely because of US. WE made it that way. [I’m 29 years old, so I’m aiming these sentences toward my generation, specifically.] Mario Bros. has always been all about beating the bad guy and saving the girl, so they gave it a real life, crime drama, CSI spin. They have four posted so far and all of them are off the chain. Everything you remember and love about Mario Bros. is either featured or gets a cameo.

No more talking. This is way too cool to make you wait any longer for. Lets dig in.

The Four Players

The Fixer:

The Addict:

The Star:

The Soldier:

If you’re like me, you have to be hoping this isn’t where Polaris stops with these. They’re way too good and have a great starting point teed up to, at the very least, turn it into a short internet movie. Hit up the comments. I live to talk about stuff like this. Let me know what you think. Did they leave out something you wish they would have incorporated in? Did they suck to you? (You suck if you think these sucked.) Let me know! Mushrooms, anyone?

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By: Eli Rebich



    • Eli RebichEli Rebich said:

      For sure! I would love to get a really big response from this. If I do, I’m thinking of getting in contact with Polaris to see about them making more web shorts like these or moving it into a more serious web series project.

    • Eli RebichEli Rebich said:

      They definitely are pretty phenomenal. I really hope they try to go forward with making it into something bigger. I think they should just keep rolling with what they’re doing. Toad looks awesome. I 100% was not expecting anything like his video.

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