Meet Ring Girl Ashley

Yesterday we introduced Christine Marie who is making her ring girl debut this Saturday at the Paul The Pittsburgh Kid Spadafora vs. Red Hot Rob Frankel championship fight at the Mountaineer Casino, Resort and Racetrack. Christine will not be working the fights alone, she will also be joined by a few other ring girls including Ashley.

Ashley is originally from Pittsburgh. This Saturday’s fight will not her debut as a ring girl though. She has worked with TNT Promotions and Roy Jones Jr. Presents since about 2011. Ashley has even worked within other boxing organizations as a ring girl as well. Ashley started following boxing when she started working with TNT Promotions. Paul Spadafora, Monty Meza-Clay and Billy Hutchinson are now a few of her favorite fighters from Pittsburgh. Outside of ring carding, she has worked many promotional events all over the city. She is in the process of putting together a modeling portfolio with the hopes of one day making it into magazines and on billboards. If you want to see more about Ashley, check out her Facebook page!

This amazing comeback story of Paul Spadafora continues as he faces Red Hot Rob Frankel out of Denver, Colorado to defend his undefeated title and fight for the WBC (NABF) Super Lightweight Championship belt. Billy Hutch Hutchinson is facing an experienced veteran, Damon Antoine. Also on the card is Wilkins The Hispanic Hurricane Santiago taking on upset-minded Mustafah Johnson. Along with a fight the entire city of Pittsburgh can get behind in the Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh matchup between Omari Braxton & Chris The Nightmare Stallworth. Joey Hitman Holt battling Austin Speedy Marcum while two heavyweights collide when newcomer Ed Latimoregoes toe-to-toe with Donnie Pitbull Crawford.

If you plan on attending the fight this weekend and still need tickets, let me know!


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