Meggings, Muggs, and now Men’s Head Bands

As the foremost expert on what hair styles are attractive on a guy, I can tell you that men’s head bands are making insane. We need to discuss this trend and what to do about it. First, we had to deal with MUGGS; guys wearing Ugg Boots.

Film Title: I Love You, Man

TURRIBLE, (say it with me) just turrrrible. THEN we had to deal with MEGGINGS thanks to Weezy and Anthony Kiedis. Leggings made for men; I’m assuming with some extra room in the package area for the BALLS they need to wear them in public.


Oh hey, I have that same pair. Let’s date so we can share wardrobes SAID NO GIRL EVER. Finally, with summer on its way here in the North East, and outdoor activities about to get a whole lot sweatier; I am preparing myself for the prolific appearance of men’s head bands.


Most of you might be familiar with this trend from soccer: very vigorous running around sport.


David Beckham, trendsetter in all things, I blame you for the rest of the men wearing these man bands around. However, David Beckham can get it, because no female is looking above his neck when he has his shirt off.


However, I can’t know for sure if these soccer players might not have the saving grace of amazing abs so I am calling them out for their girly hair accessories below:

Diego Forlan. Stop.

Diego Forlan

Sergio Ramos. Stop.

Sergio Ramos

Oh now you basketball guys want in on this head game? Mike Miller: NO.

mike miller heat

Tom Brady always the fashionista. NOT.


But Mark Sanchez, trying to keep it alive from Brady for the NFL: STOP.

Mark Sanchez

I did some more research and found head bands POP-ing up in the music realm too. Harry Styles, I hope your forehead gets sunburnt!


Nick Jonas don’t even talk to me.

nick jonas

Those last two are young’ns and I could forgive them but LEO HOW COULD YOU!


Colin Farrell, you’re dead to me.


Ok truthfully, I personally know a few guys that wear these to the gym, and yes men’s head bands do have a function and they keep your totes adorbs unruly locks from hitting you in the eyeballs while you cross-fit. However, so would some DINOSAUR BARRETTES. Do you want to borrow those from me too? I have bunches.

dinosaur barrette

I know the gym is one of the few places where you shouldn’t worry about fashion. However, I thought it prudent to let you guys know what the majority of girls think when they see you wearing headbands. Since guys are always showing off at the gym when a hot girl is there in yoga pants, they should know that we can’t focus on how much weight is on the bar when you have one of our head bands on.  Sorry Julien Solomita.  I called you out for your meggings and now I notice the head band all day every day.

Julien solomita meggings

Julien Solomita head band

PS – Your socks don’t match. Actually, Julien can get it from Jenna Marbles so he can wear what he wants although I am upset about other guys going to risk their chances scaring away a hottie based on that success story. So please, take my advice and go with the sweatband from Rocky. Then we will know you are hardcore.


If you would still like to defend your wearing of men’s head bands, please let us know in the comments!


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