MenEssentials Product Review

With all of the different projects we are involved with every so often a company will reach out to introduce us to their products.  Sometimes I am interested, sometimes I am not.  I have definitely had to turn away some pretty crazy ideas that I just could not see myself getting behind, no matter what the offer.  But that was not the case here.  I was recently fortunate enough to receive a message from MenEssentials which is a men’s grooming company/website.  They asked me to give their products a shot, and once I started flipping through their website I was all in.

So they were gracious enough to send over a couple different items for me to experiment with.

The Merkur 23C Double Edge Straight Razor. 

The MenEssentials Razor Safe.

& The Layrite Cement Pomade.


I don’t typically use a straight razor so this was an interesting experience.  Definitely got that crisp shave to the line and it is something I will be using again before I head out on the weekends.  The razor safe of course is more of an accessory but it does come in handy and I have it sitting on the shelf in the bathroom serving it’s purpose.  Better than just leaving them in the package.  And with having the signature hawk styled hair that I have been rocking for the past 10 years, I am always interested in new hair products.  I tend to fall back on the old hair spray and blow dryer method because I have get everything just how I like it.  But the Layrite Cement did the trick as well.  Allows your hair to sit with a little more of a natural look while still definitely keeping it in place.  I’m sure I’ll burn through this stuff pretty quickly and I’m definitely a fan.

Oh and let’s not forget the Haribo Gold Gummy Bears.  Nice touch fellas.  They were enjoyed as well.

If you want to see what MenEssentials has to offer and pick up some of their products for yourself, head over to www.MenEssentials.com


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