Mermaids are REAL-ly Hot!

With the fantastical mermaid “documentary” airing recently on Animal Planet, everyone is all a-twitter over whether they might be real. Well, I did some investigating of my own! Yes, mermaids are Real-ly Hot and I’m not talkin’ Ariel here!


Now, usually if you compare the nether regions of a woman to any type of sea-creature, you are going to get karate-chopped in the neck. But, when it comes to mermaids, somehow all that goes out the window. Even Katy Perry ismhotter as a mermaid, see?

Katy Perry Mermaid

Personally, I find any beautiful woman from the waist-up attractive, fish tail or no. Don’t worry about the logistics of a sexy-time with one, just read on after the first batch of pictures to see the REAL Life mermaid I found!




While Googling these pictures of sexy mermaids, I came across a real life mermaid!! Her name is Katrin Felton aka Mermaid Kat!

real hot mermaid

This German born model is in her 20s and has held titles such as Miss Germany International” and “Queen of the World Germany 2007.” Within the past few years she has become an excellent SCUBA diver and instructor. Inspired by her childhood love of mermaids, she bought her first mermaid fin online and Mermaid Kat is now available for events, film and photo shoots above and under water. Last month celebrates her one year anniversary of being a real mermaid!

mermaid kat red

yellow mermaid

mermaid kat pink

Mermaid Kat’s main goal is to show the people the beauty of our oceans by swimming as a real mermaid with marine life such as turtles, rays and sharks. By doing this, she hopes to improve the bad image of sharks. Sharks are beautiful, elegant creatures and not bloodthirsty monsters as they are so often portrayed as in Hollywood movies. Katrin has always been strongly committed to animal welfare and environmental protection. Hear that Pat Hanavan? A real mermaid that LOVES SHARKS. Here’s a video of her in a sharktank swimming around:

The Pittsburgh Zoo needs to step up their game and hire her to swim around their tunnel. I probably envy mermaids because they can swim and I can’t, so I’ve decided to follow in the footsteps of Kat and check out these fins online. The monofins even come in PINK (YAY!) and are 59 units of European money and the full Mermaid Tails are listed at 145 £. What a great gift to tell the girl in your life she is your mermaid princess forever or to just “I wish you would go swim with sharks!” See more prices and colors HERE.


full mermaid tails

Now, here are more videos of Mermaid Kat!

So yes, Pat Hanavan, mermaids DO exist! Tweet me and Mermaid Kat if she has inspired any of you to become a mermaid too!