Minions The Movie FINALLY Has A Trailer. You Guessed It. It’s Hilarious!!!

This is a bold statement, but the Minions might be the funniest children’s movie animated characters that have ever been created. It truly is the little things. Minions look like the lemonheads candies with eyes, extremities, and overalls on. Their nonsensical language paired with the fact that their natural voices sound like they breathe helium is a hilarious combination. It all seems so simple, yet it took up to 2010 to create them for the movie, Despicable Me. You can argue that the movie was decent in general, but I am of the sole belief that there is no Despicable Me 2 or 3 without the Minions and that proof lies in the pudding flavored, “They Need Their Own Freakin’ Movie!!!” The Minions are back and this time they’re in the limelight, sharing the screen with other characters and not the other way around. Without further adieu… MINIONS!!!

Minions Trailer

I stick to my claims about how funny I think the Minions are and this trailer has only put them in an even higher esteem. The concept for this movie is perfect. Coming up with a back story for these little yellow bean-like beings is tricky. They’re cute but they came to be of service under the operations of a known villain AND they’re all ok with it. How do you explain that? How about making them older than the dinosaurs and having no other drive in life than to fill a hive as worker bees for the biggest bad there is? Done deal. Following the first rebellious fish out of water, joining up with T-Rex, finding the employ of the Egyptian Pharaohs who built the pyramids, joining the army under the ranks of Napoleon, becoming the henchmen of Dracula, and ultimately being the downfall of them all via their happy-go-lucky, well-intentioned, clumsy ways. The Minions just do what they do and that’s being hilarious, and it looks like this movie is dead on with that so far.


Definitely hit the comments on this one. If there’s something I could talk about all day that’s not Star Wars related, it’s the Minions.

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By: Eli Rebich


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